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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Proof in the Pudding

Dia Duit, every morning when I came out from our bedroom, I would look at Colonial Rose spread out on the living room floor. Everytime, I looked, I kept changing my mind. I had made the decision  not to add the navy/white/pink flowered border and simply bind the quilt in pink.
However, yesterday, I decided to add the border. It was such a lovely warm, sunny day yesterday, I stripped the bed and washed the sheets. I was voicing to DH, that I was in a quandary with this quilt. His suggestion was to lay Colonial Rose on our bed and then decide.
The old saying of Proof in the Pudding is apt. Due to the size of Colonial Rose, I simply do not have the space to add another border. From the top two pictures you can see I can have Colonial Rose, on the bed, either way.The overlay in the third picture, I will need to tuck this, under the mattress, or cover the pillows with the quilt. The feature is the central part of the quilt. I wonder how many hexies are now in Colonial Rose? I have twenty rows, to cut, stitch and sew to complete this quilt. Will keep you posted.

Tomorrow, I am going to the Millrose Gathering Quilting Retreat. Looking forward to going, but apprehensive at the same time. Life has been busy, our Jess had had her knee operation, and I have been running back and forth with her. In the middle of this, my MIL decided to come back to Victoria for a holiday, so have busy caring for her.Hmmmm I am longing to take the caravan away, for a rest, but cannot see that happening for sometime,.
Sla~n, O'faigh

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

It seems so close but feels so far with Colonial Rose.....

Dia Duit, I thought I would update you with my progress with Colonial Rose. Last night I sat up to midnight, stitching, the next row onto the quilt. Tonight I will stitch four rows to the top part of the quilt. I still have away to go. My thoughts were to add the last border, as in the navy white and pink flower. Due to the quilt measuring 2.3 metres by 2.4 metres, I will unable to do so.My thoughts are to simply bind the quilt in pink. My heart wants to do the navy/white and pink flower border, however it would not be practicable to do so. Would love to hear your thoughts.
Please accept my apologies, for not responding to your lovely comments, DH inadvertently deleted my emails.
Sla~n, O 'faigh

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Little Sisters and Mums Mystery Run....

 Dia Duit, last Sunday, my mother and sister arranged a mystery run with the Morris Minor Club, in which we belong. Monnie, is my beloved baby and Max is little sisters. Aptly named after our folks.

 My mother absolutely adores the Morry and the club runs, grin....no one is allowed to sit in the front passenger seat. Poor Dad has to sit in the back...

 The starting point was in Geelong at Waurn Ponds, eight trusty Morries and their owners attended.
 Our morning tea stop was at the community hall at Freshwater Creek, not far from our starting point. There is also a Pony Club that has its grounds alongside.Cannot pass up one of Mum's infamous cup cakes.

 Pictured above is Bells Beach, where they have the surfing comps. It has been many years since DH and I have been here.

From Bells Beach we travelled to the Angelsea Power Station, and then onto the open cut. In all the years we have lived on the Bellarine Peninsula I have never been here. The wind was appalling, travelling up through the cut.

The start of the wildflower season, I was surprised that these plants survived alongside the open cut.
 Last but not least, little sisters beloved Morry Max pic taken at the car park in Bells Beach,
and Monnie my beloved Morry. It has been well over twelve months that I had started up my Morry let alone take her on a car run. I have not had a chance and ashamed to say, the battery was dead as a dodo. Now, she starts like a charm. Hopefully, I can make more use of her now.
Sla~n, O'faigh