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A Quilter's Journey. I have become a piecer of quilts. The part I love the most is choosing a design, the colour/fabric selection, then piecing.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

We were on a quest

Dia Duit, with the weather closing in and our Jess now has a wood fire.A few weeks back she said to me "hey Mum on your travels can you please find us a fire set a hand mincer,so I can mince my own meat. The other day I had another doctor's appointment and DH went with me.We had not been antique hunting for sometime, so we went to the vintage markets at North Geelong. We found the fire set relatively easily,but, honestly Robert cracks me up at times.I was paying for the mincer when I heard an almighty bellow darllliiing come here.I rolled my eyes at the guy behind the counter.Thank goodness I had not Paid as DH found a mincer as new in its original box and larger than the one I found.Back I trotted to the counter and yes yet again another almighty bellow darllliiing, by this stage I was getting quite cranky with him.Hmmm I had to bite my tongue, Lo and behold he found this gorgeous 99k sewing machine.Now, one of my weaknesses is vintage sewing machines,yes it came home with me.The chap behind the counter very kindly cleaned up the case for me.I had a little problem with the tension but now she sews like a dream. Slan Ofaigh

Monday, 25 April 2016

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Splendid Sampler progress

Dia Duit, this is my progress so far with the Splendid Sampler. Looking at the second photo, I need to make some more blocks in the muddy browns.I am unsure of Block Natures Walk as I substituted the stitchery with a pretty doily I had.The pink surely stands out in the blocks.A couple of weeks ago I realized that I would not have enough Tilda fabric, as I had made my purchases in 2014. I scoured all sources that I could think of and pleased to say I now have enough of the lovely Tilda fabric.You can be lucky sometimes.Slan Ofaigh