Credit for Background Design

Credit to Evelyn Flint for Background Design

Monday, 26 June 2017

Scrap Sewing for little sister...

 Dia Duit, this is what I have been working on today. Awhile back, some lovely friends gave me some Bonnie and Camille fabric, to help me start a stash. To help little sister along the way, I joined the scrappy fabrics. Loaded it on the quilting frame, borrowed the backing and wadding from the bubba's humidcrib quilts. On my way, just love this fmp pattern.

I cut the fabric into a grab bag, purse, sewing wallet and mug rug, plus the binding.The rest is upto little sister now to complete for her gift giving.  Little sisters partner, has had two lots of kidney surgery and is back in for a third go. My thoughts and prayers that all goes well for Rick. Colleen plans to do this while Rick recuperates.
Slan, O'faigh

Friday, 23 June 2017

Buttons and Belt Buckles...

Dia Duit, on Sunday morning, I spent ratting around my button stash, to make some Brooches as gifts.This is what, I have made so far and I am waiting for the back pins to arrive in the post, to finish them off. The top four are already spoken for, unbelievable. Slan, O'faigh

Monday, 19 June 2017

Friendship Sewing...

Dia Duit, on Saturday little sister and I travelled to Shezzie's place, for a day of friendship sewing.Barb and Anne joined as alas Kim, was unwell and unable to make it.
 We have been making these wallets and coin purses. I find small writing difficult to stitch and Shez very kindly made them for me.
 A bit of mischief outside an Antique Store.
Shez very kindly showed us the way in making this gorgeous little Christmas Decoration.Thank You Shez.

Little sisters purchase an Ansonia Clock, around the year 1910.Great price.
We had a shared lunch which was scrumptious. Slan, O'faigh