Thursday, 20 July 2017


Dia Duit, this is post is and is not about me. To my friends who have been worried about me, I just could not talk to you.I was close to a break down.If you wish not to read any further, so be it.
To to all that are out there, who are experiencing problems, reach out there is someone who will help you.
As a child, I came from a humble home, was loved, nurtured, feed, clothed, taught to be truthful, the values of life and morals.
I have a strong bond with my father, when I was in need he was my rock.
I loathe the following/recent straits in my siblings, jealousy, callousness, thoughtlessness and pettiness.
When Iwas six years old it was my birthday, my mother gave me a nightie. All the kids in the neighbourhood had brand new roller skates. I was crying, who wouldnot want roller skates heh. Dad came home from work and saw me sitting in the gutter, sat down and asked what was wrong, so I told him.He put me in the car and took me to the shop and bought me a pair. My smile was as big as the moon.To this day they are still in his garage. There are many other stories.
I was first married at eighteen, things were alright for three months but it turned out my first husband was an abusive alcoholic. Say no more. I lived like that for six years and hid it from everyone.
Dad come to realize what was happening, and took me home.I am the person I am today because of him. He taught me to be strong,thruthful and to trust again.

The other week my parents, had a small accident in a shopping car park. Now my parents are a different generation to us. They went through the depression and the war. If you go to offer help we are told we are alright go home.

Presently, my Dad is in hospital. I know he is dying. It is the hardest thing to endure. Bless my husband we are the only two that he trusts and have his welfare at heart.He has had several minis strokes, and has speech problems.
For the past two weeks we have gone every day to the doctors and have the dressings changed. He has a rare form of ghout on his foot. I always thought cancer was apalling I would put this in this catergory. We had two days to wait to bring in the District Nurse. Mum, my husband and I did the dressings. One sibling was aware of this, another came on Saturday and saw the foot it is confronting but everything was under control. I was able to get Dad eating again. His medication was changed and his blood pressure was coming up. The decision was to keep Dad home away from the surgery due to other bugs and him catching phnumonia,
Instead of talking to me or the surgery. They rushed him to hospital against my mothers wishes.Did not take mum,I had no knowledge of this until the Emergency doctor rang me, I explained the past week to him. I took Mum in and we had a discussion. The end of it, the Doctor said to my siblings you should have talked to your sister.I became very angry as they put Dad at risk.Do not get me wrong I understand why they did it.I do not regret the things I said to  my siblings.
My Dad hates hates hospital and I was the one who had to take him. My heart is for my father first and then my mother.To the rest they can go to hell.
I am sorry for you to read this, but maybe it will help someone. To have the compassion and heart to stand up and do what is right to ease the distress and pain of a loved one.Just because you are old does not mean you are discarded with out the proper treatment.Or if you are old you are stupid. If you have an elderly neighbour who is alone, please check and make sure they are ok.
Today is hospital again, I wonder what that will bring. Hugs Ofaigh

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Annie's not impressed..........with the fabric I had chosen........

Dia duit, Annie's not impressed with the fabric I purchased today. DH has long, long legs and does not fit well in the caravan bed. His wishes was another bolster, so his feet don't hang over the edge of the bed......grin...... This fabric would be the worst, for fraying, I have ever sewed with,in all the years I have been sewing, a double seam was the trick.Glad upholstering, was not my career.Slan, O'faigh

Friday, 7 July 2017

All is good....Annie is dressed, hair is done, knickers on............then across the sea to her new home...for Julie....

 Dia duit, the fabric I needed arrived quickly...I spent yesterday...making her you can gather she has her nurses uniform boxed ready to ship to my longtime blogging buddy Julie, for her birthday .........
I must be in the mood for doll making, I saw on Shez's blog the Tilda doll she made for her grandie..........mine is yet to be finished.......waiting for the blue Tilda fabric to arrive from The must 4 years old now............Slan, O'faigh