Tuesday, 21 November 2017

A Snapshot of my Quilting tour to the States

Dia Duit, on the 20th October I left Melbourne for the States for a three week quilting tour.Just before I left my buddy Shez had a fall and badly fractured her ankle. I felt great compassion for Shez as I knew how much she wanted to go on this trip. It was not meant to  be.The places we visited were Kokomo, Hamilton, Shipshewena, St Louis, Houston Quilt Festival (cannot believe I have no pics or postcards) then an extended tour to New Orleans. I managed to keep myself well, no mean feat with my lungs they way they are.I am not over jet lag, last week I had to attend three funerals, one in Queensland.My lung has decided to not play nice, so a round of tests this week. Collapsed lungs are not much fun. Slan, O'faigh  Thank you Barb for allowing me to snaffle some of your pics.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Blogging Break

Dia Duit, I am taking a break from blogging.Over the past three months there have been many family issues to deal with.It has been a very hard time in a lot of ways.Roll on 2018 and hopefully a kinder year.Slan, O’faigh

Friday, 6 October 2017

Airing the Quilts - Steiglitz - Part 4

 Dia Duit, I was captured with this satin quilt. Sewn to the hexagons were mother of pearl buttons, all shapes and sizes. I love love mother of pearl buttons and have a small stash.

 We walked to the courthouse, which holds historical records pertaing to Steiglitz. I looked up the cemetry records and found early relations, on my mothers side, buried there.
Check this corner out, at Meredith.The furniture is made from concrete. To conclude, our day, we had lunch at a nearby cafe. Scrummo. I had Corn fritters with salad, mushrooms, bacon and relish. Shez had fish and chips and our mandatory poison, coke cola. Slan, O'faigh

Airing the Quilts - Steiglitz - Part 3

 Dia Duit, from what I can understand the Airing of the Quilts is held every two years. I went some years back to the first one.This time instead of one person organising and looking after the quilts, that would be such a hard job to do. Apparantly, you bring your quilt and hang it up, look after it yourself. Next time, I will bring along some of my quilts, a chair, picnic lunch and some quilting to do.
It was so so peaceful, and good for my soul. I am a country girl at heart, however DH spent his early life by the ocean. Slan, O'faigh

Airing the Quilts - Steiglitz - Part 2

 Dia Duit, much of the properties are privately owned.To date Steiglitz has a small population and only nine buildings have survived.
 Moning tea was at Sugg's Blacksmith's cottage. A glass of real lemonade and scones jam and cream.

 An artists studio, would love to have this as my quilting room.
 This quilt captured the essence of fall.

Slan, O'faigh