Credit for Background Design

Credit to Evelyn Flint for Background Design

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bella-Boo, Bumble Bub aka Bubby's Shoes....

 Dia Duit, I had Bella Boo cut out for some time, but was not comfortable in the making of her, it has been some time, since, I have made a softie. Once, I started, I was hooked from the start to the completion. It was just a matter of getting started, obviously, this year, I have been more focused on quilt making.

Bubby's Shoes, I enjoyed making this quilt, due to the bright, funky colours of the Riley Blake Range. The next step, is for it to be quilted.
Slañ, O'faigh


Simone de Klerk said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!!! The softie is so cute and the quilt absolutely adorable with the shoe stitcheries and the fabric you used. You're a talented softie mother (o:

Allie said...

*swoon* How lovely - so bright and cheery for a baby, I just love it!

Merilyn said...

Love Bella Boo!!! The little quilt is just lovely with those bright fabrics!! A happy quilt!!!