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Credit to Evelyn Flint for Background Design

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

No longer a UFO.....Colour Wash Quilt

 Dia Duit, over the weekend, and into this week, I have unpicked all the pieces from this UFO.
On Sunday, I thought why did I start doing this. DH came home from work and said, you have not moved from the same spot since, yesterday, and all you seem to be doing is cutting.....unpicking.....
For those of you who have made Colourwash quilts, you would see, not so much as by the picture, but physically viewing the quilt, that it was out of kilter. I removed a row, and then tried to balance the colour and make the edges wispy. My thoughts, were to make do with what I had.......
 Slow Progress....
 I was happy with the upper part of the quilt, but not the blob of colour, at the bottom. As, I worked on the household chores, on Monday, I kept coming back to the quilt, changed this one, changed that one.
I was dissatisfied with it, went to the bookcase and sought out, a book I had on Colourwash Quilts..
I liked the solid heart, and then it was will I or won't I, pull it apart and start the process, again.
 Yes, that is exactly what I did, a quick trip to the LPS for a few wispy bits of fabric....
Now, this is looking much more like it. I think, it is worth the effort. It will take on a totally different look, when I stitch the pieces together...Now, off to find some background pieces out of my stash. It will have to wait to the weekend, one has to work to pay, for this hobby.
Slañ, O'faigh

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KaHolly said...

It's going to be beautiful!! I've never even attempted a color wash project!! You are brave!