Saturday, 29 October 2011

Blankets Of Love......

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Dia Duit, recently I had an afternoon to spare, I rummaged around in my stash, so I could make as many Blankets of Love, that I could.The sum of five.
My buddy Quiltness, is a longarm quilter, who kindly quilted the Blankets Of Love for me.A Huge thankyou Ness.
Today, was a good day to stitch and bind the little quilts. The outlook outside is dismal for Spring, cold and wet.
Slañ, O'faigh


Simone de Klerk said...

Beautiful Blankets of Love, Lyn! And Ness did a great job quilting them.

Vickie said...

oh what a productive afternoon that was..well done..Oh I wish I could say the weather was cold and wet,cheers Vickie

KaHolly said...

You, and Ness, are so generous. These beautiful little quilts will make someone very warm and fuzzy! ~karen

shez said...

how special those blankets will be of great comfort to those families that need them.oxox

Merilyn said...

Your Blankets of Love are just adorable!!! Lovely simple quilting too! Wonderful gifts of comfort!!!

QuiltNess (Vanessa) said...

Thanks for your comments ladies, anytime I can help out for these well deserving quilts I will, and Lyn does a wonderful job piecing them. Ness