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Thursday, 27 October 2011

A Quilting Story........

Dia Duit, I recently read a post of Barbara Brackman's blog....the title  Old Fashioned Calicoe's...Barbara's post brought back memories, from the eighties, when Patchwork became popular, in Australia.
Also, the beginnings, of my love of this craft. The last three years or so, I have developed a deep love of this craft, the origins, a thirst of knowledge, in which I have purchased several books. Australian, Dutch and American.
Quilting, was introduced to me by a fellow neighbour. Each week, we had a craft afternoon at each other's places, four of us. The hostess, had to provide, an afternoon project for each person and provide a slap up afternoon tea.
At this time, funds were very limited,in our household.... Initially, all patchwork blocks,were cut by hand and the 1/4 inch seam marked with grey lead. Then came along rotary cutters, self healing cutting boards, and the quilting rulers.
I had those three items on my wish list, for a long, long time. The lass, in the lps, suggested to lay-by one item at a time. It took me, nine months to pay for these three items, and I still use them today.
Now, you are probably wondering about the photo of my jacket, I think you may need a cuppa by now...

Last Spring, while in London, DH wanted to visit the Greenwich Maritime Museum, to be honest , I had no wish at all to see another Museum. Off, we went on the ferry, upon the Thames, we walked up to the village. My eye's soon sparkled, when I saw the Antique Market. I circled the market once, lost DH in the process, was uncertain, about going down the alleyway's. Then, I made another circle of the market, I am glad I did, as down the alley was a Vintage Clothing Stall, hanging from the rafter, was the Patchwork Jacket. It was manufactured by Orvis in the mid eighties. I was uncertain, if it would fit my old bag of bones. The lass, passed it down to me. It fits perfectly, and the simple style flattering. I love the softness of the fabric, it is in excellent condition., chambray trim, and the patchwork blocks within.
I normally wear it, on special quilting occasions, to try and preserve, this part of quilting history.

Slañ, O'faigh


shez said...

very pretty Lyn and i love the colours,good buy.

Simone de Klerk said...

what a wonderful story, Lyn! And what a great and special find. A jacket full of memories.

Merilyn said...

What a lovely post Lyn! I enjoyed reading about the humble beginnings of your quilting life! What a great find at the Antique Market, glad you ended up with it! it has gone to a good home!!! A wonderful piece of history indeed!!!!

KaHolly said...

So, you've been quilting a long time, too!! I started when everything was cut with templates - thirty years ago!! Quilting has certainly come a long way since then, hasn't it? Love the jacket! It sure is brightly colored!! Guess you were at the right place at the right time! ~karen

Allie said...

I remember when you got that jacket, I love it so much!!! Lyn, I started by using cardboard templates and pencils much faster now, eh?