Friday, 27 January 2012

Aurelia's Journey Quilt by Sarah Maxwell and Dolres Smith

Dia Duit, I have been missing the regular sewing stint of the Civil War Quilt by Barbara Brackman. It was a BOW last year. I have finished the quilt and it is away being machine quilted.

I have had the book, A Path to the Civil War Aurelia's Journey Quilt ,for some time ,on my bookshelf. Last weekend, we made a trip to the country and I managed to visit Threadbear in Castlemaine, who has a great selection of Reproduction fabrics.

The only fabric, I had missing was the cheddar. It was my wish to make a cheddar quilt and it will be a great stash buster, from my Reproduction Stash.

The quilt blocks in the book are 12"and 9", however, I will make my blocks smaller 6"and 9". Why I made this decision, because there was only 2.5 metres of cheddar left on the bolt, and I favoured this fabric.

So, if you are missing the regular Sunday Sewing, why not find a similar project and sew along with me each month. At the end of the month, I will post the blocks, I have made.

SlaƱ, O'faigh


Simone de Klerk said...

When I look at the picture, the cover of the book doesn't seem right to me. Way too orange. But, the blocks look lovely!
I am working on a simple house block, making blocks from the scraps of a BOM I am making. So, I think I will sew along with you each month, even though my blocks are much simpler.

shez said...

cant wait to see this one.xx

Merilyn said...

What a lovely project to get involved with, and I love the cheddar too!!! I don't have that book, goodness knows I have too many already LOL! Maybe I should peruse my book shelves too, I'm sure there is something there I haven't seen for a while!!
I will be following with great interest!!

Cheryll said...

I'll keep my eye on your finishes with you! :)