Saturday, 14 April 2012

Parcel Post

Dia Duit, what a Birthday I have had, thank you so much my friends. Thursday morning, I heard DH go to the door, to collect some parcels from the postie. I overheard, one for Jess and Lyn will love this parcel.
Thank you to my Dear Friend, Julie who has away of overwhelming me. I am absolutely stoked, with the gift and at a loss for words.
Years ago, I made a beautiful, Double Irish Chain Quilt, for Jess, who in the end loathed it. I gave it to a family member, who had an appreciation for the quilt.
Julie said in the card, for me to either make the quilt or add the fabric to my stash. No way can I do this, I hope to make this quilt this year. Mojo permitting.
Sla`n, O'faigh


shez said...

how lovely.xx

julieQ said...

Here's to some mojo!! Hugs!,

Allie said...

What a LOVELY gift - oh Lyn I hope you do make that, it's gorgeous!

Merilyn said...

It looks to be a great pattern Lyn! I've never seen an Irish Chain done in those colours - what a great gift!!!