Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Quilter's Show and Tell

The Quilter's Gallery has a weekly Show and Tell. I have entered my St Patrick's Day 12 inch Mini Quilt.If you like my quilt,  visit here to see the other entries. If you like mine, I would appreciate for you to vote me. You may be eligible for a prize.Voting starts on Friday 15th March through to Monday 18th March.
Slãn, O'faigh


Cheryll said...

I'm off there now! :)

shez said...

go over now to vote for your mini quilt Lyn and good luck my friend.xx

shez said...

oops i am too early so i will go back tomorrow and vote Lynn.xx

Mishka said...

You'll want to update the link tomorrow to the actual voting page. or use this one instead:


I'll do the voting post in the morning.

Christine M said...

I voted for you O'faigh. Good luck!