Monday, 24 June 2013

Update ..... Thank You for your Help......Small Project Idea's.

 Dia Duit, thank you kindly for helping me with some small project idea's.
I had a small budget and purchased some plastic tubs. Jess kindly made the labels for me.
 A Crochet tub with some samples, cotton, hooks and patterns for the net. Tipnut.
 A Knitting Tub, Mum kindly gave me the wool and needles. I printed off a basic rug square, to make knee rugs.
A Christmas tub, I cut strips of fabric and added some wire frames for wreath making and the styro foam shapes.
 A Scrapbooking tub, I had made a wreath out of paper and added three dimensional butterfly's.
 A Sewing Box with the necessary equipment.
 A Sewing Tub, I had a small project book in my library....raided my Colonial Rose Quilt tin for papers, hexagons cut out, hexagons tacked already to stitch into flowers...

Last but not least a Felt tub, to make small felt hearts .....
At least now, the Craft Group can start the sessions, with the small ready made project tubs I have made.
I would still appreciate any follow up idea's and will pass them on to the Occupational Therapist, when Rob returns to hospital in a month's time.
Thank you once again, for your consideration to me, blogging buddies are just the best.
Hugs, O'faigh


Charlie and Wendy said...

Sorry to hear your hubby has been unwell again, hope he improves quickly. Your craft drawers look full of great ideas for the craft group.

Christine M said...

Looks like you're pretty organised there O'faigh!

marina said...

well done! looks like you have had a great brainstorm!

Merilyn said...

Gosh! You've certainly organised yourself very well with all those tubs of different craft supplies!! Well done!!!! Hope all is continuing to go well for your DH.

Sue B said...

These tubs are sure useful for keeping all of the little projects in one place.

Cheryll said...

You covered all that I thought of too. Good luck with this project... fingers crossed it all goes well :)

KaHolly said...

Keeping organized is always so difficult. I try to have a place for everything, but not everything stays in its place!