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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Some felt work

http://www.sewhappy.me/tutorials/quilter-work/ Blogger is giving me grief with this post the pattern is from Sew Happ Me.
Dia Duit, I am looking forward to going to Quilter's Camp the first weekend in October. One of the requirements is to have a name tag for our door. While browsing, I found on Cheryll's blog , Gone Stitchin, the above pattern.
I thought it was apt for the door tag. I made it in Nessies favourite colours, and we can pin our quilting badge to it.
At the end of camp, I will give it to Ness, for taking me.
I love working with felt, such a quick easy project to do, this afternoon, I will finish it with maeve blanket stitch.
Slãn, O'faigh


Christine M said...

Looks wonderful O'faigh. That is another pattern on my "to do" list! LOL! See you next week!

marina said...

very sweet tag.
love your new header too.

Terry said...

Very pretty! :0)

Anthea said...

What a very clever door sign O'Faigh... and exciting to be looking forward to your Quilt Camp soon...

katherine said...

Looks fantastic! Have a lovely weekend.

Merilyn said...

I love your Quilters' door tag, what a great idea!!!!
Lucky you going to Quilter's Camp, that should be lots of fun!!!!!