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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Through the Rip on a Beautiful Spring Day - Tall Ships

Queenscliff side of the rip - pictures above.

Pilot Launch taking a pilot to board the vessel.

The Tall Ships working there way down the channel with many smaller viewing vessels.

Farewell to the Tall Ships, some to Hobart and one westward bound? On Friday, I had an appointment at the Royal Womens Hospital, life is still crapola...grin... On the way, I said to DH I had a yen to view the Tall Ships at Williamstown, a suburb where we used to live. Hmmm his answer is always, we will wait and see, not sure how you will feel after your visit to the hospital. What a privilege to view these vessels up close....the last time I saw the Tall Ships was in 1988 for the Bi Centennial Celebrations...My mother gave me a beautiful print of the Soren Larsen. To DH utter delight the Dutch Club had a Marquee with his beloved Dutch Croquettes..and Chips with Mayonaise..We saw the following vessels Soren Larsen, Windeward Bound, Young Endeavour, Lord Nelson, Europa, Oosterschelde, Tecla. It brought memories of our time when we lived in Williamstown and DH was a volunteer on the Alma Doepel, sailing ship. One evening when DH was First Mate, I was an invited guest, however that was short lived, as they were short on volunteers that night, I spent the night as a barmaid, and had an absolute ball.(No, I did not sample the wares...grin). Such a beautiful day today, up bright and early. We drove to Queenscliff at the bottom of the cliff, where we watched the Tall Ships, sail up the channel and head out through the rip. My photo's are fair, as they were taken from my phone. I think you will have a gist of what we saw, I wanted to share this with you. Slãn, O'faigh


Michelle Ridgway said...

Loved your post. It must have been a wonderful sight to see. Thank you for sharing.

julieQ said...

I am so glad you got to go! Glad it was fun!

katherine said...

Looks like a fantastic day. Those ships are beautiful and how lucky you were to see them.

KaHolly said...

Such a sight to see!! Sometimes they come up here.

marina said...

what wonderful memories the ships brought back for you.

Christine M said...

Aren't they wonderful! A few years ago I went on a replica of The Enterprise down at Williamstown with Mitchell's class. We had a lovely sail around the bay. I just got to sit back and relax as it was the kids who had to help!

Bev C said...

Hello Lyn,

They really are the majestic ships of the sea.
Happy days.

Allie said...

Oh I love the Tall Ships - I'll never forget when they came to our area, we got to go on one or two and it was AMAZING. I hope and pray you didn't get any bad news, dear Lyn!