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A Quilter's Journey. I have become a piecer of quilts. The part I love the most is choosing a design, the colour/fabric selection, then piecing.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Aurelia's Journey Quilt

Block 5 - Devils Claw

Block 7 - Wandering Lover - my version - loathe sewing small triangles

Block 9 - Album

Block 33 - Red Cross
Block 10 - Bear's Paw Dia Duit, this coming weekend I am going on a Quilter's Camp...so looking forward to going.....not sure where this year has gone.....we have had a slight reprieve...this week....no doctors/hospital appointments of any kind. At night, I have been reading alot with my Kindle...yesterday after I finished the household chores.....it was time to get down to some serious sewing......my thoughts turned to Aurelia's Journey Quilt...which I had started ...earlier this year...strange how your projects beckon you... I started out well, above is my achievement for yesterday, until it came to the Bears Paw Block...it was giving me grief...I set it aside for this morning and made the block Red Cross...so I finished on a good note......now what to bring to camp????? SlaƱ, O'faigh.


Cheryll said...

Oooh I like the new header! :)

shez said...

lovely work Lyn,well done and have a wonderful weekend my friend.xx

Christine M said...

Your blocks look great O'faigh. Have a great time at quilt camp. xx