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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Quilter's Camp Weekend Sewing

Dia Duiat, pictured above was my sewing effort for Aurelia's Journey Quilt, at Quilter's Camp last weekend. I was a woman on a mission and thoroughly enjoyed making the eleven blocks. This morning my mother, little sister and I were going to go to the Airing of the Quilts at Steiglitz and old gold mining town, about forty five minutes from home. To our disappointment, it is pouring rain and not about to let up, there is always next year, I guess. Slãn, O'faigh


Merilyn said...

Your blocks look great!! You really did achieve a lot, well done!!! Look forward to seeing these all sewn up into a quilt top!!! You should've sent that pouring rain up my way, so hot and so dry up here!!!

Christine M said...

You were very productive O'faigh. Your blocks look great.

Vickie said...

wowers girl you sure were ubber productive..goreous blocks too...oh dang about the rain. Best to be caught before leaving though..cheers Vickie

KaHolly said...

How disappointing! But, look at all you accomplished at quilt camp! I guess you WERE a woman with a mission and it must feel good to have completed so many blocks!! I love them and can't wait to see the finished piece.

Simone Harding said...

Wow 11 blocks you are a champion. Rain is not good for an airing of the quilts.