Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A Touch of Fall before Christmas

Dia Duit, since coming home, I have had a yen to decorate the entranceway with fall colours which will be shortlived with Christmas fast approaching.

To enable me to make the wreath, I had been searching for twig wreaths. They were near impossible to find. Sometimes I am short on patience and went to the local flower farm. The young lass, suggested making one myself, as they have not had twig wreaths for a couple of years now. Luckily one piece of foliage was left. As I was leaving, I spied the green berry wreath, and purchased it as well.

The two small quilts, I purchased at the Lancaster Central Market. There were three Amish inspired stalls, the first stall I approached had the sweetest sweetest lady, named Anna, where I made my purchases.

Last but not least, when I was on camp, my dear friend Ness gave me as a gift the beautiful hand painted Welcome canvas. To add a touch of blue, when we were at the Plain and Fancy Farm for lunch, in Lancaster, I purchased two babies bonnets, to add to the prairie bonnets I had made. slãn, o'faigh

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Merilyn said...

Good for you in making your own wreath, it certainly looks wonderful decorated, and yes! Christmas is fast approaching!!!! Love your collection of bonnets and your little wall hangings, how nice to have to these lovely momentos of your trip!!! I expect you are still recovering.....take care!!!