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Friday, 13 December 2013

Antique Quilts from Houston Quilt Festival 2013

Dia Duit, once I knew we were definitely, heading on our trip to the Houston Quilt Festival, on my I wants lists, of course, was an Antique Quilt. Each day that I went to the festival, I was disappointed, as the quilts I found, were way beyond my budget. My first purchase was part of a cutter quilt, which is on the bed as a pillow sham. On the Saturday, we were leaving for home to Australia, DH said to me, it is your last chance to see the festival. Off we set, I spied at one of the stalls half price quilts. There were two quilts once made in shirtings, with a star pattern in pale blue. The other was, an Apricot Double Wedding Ring Quilt. I do believe, no matter what you purchase, they have a way of calling to you.As much as I liked the pale Blue Star Quilt, it was the Apricot Double Wedding Ring Quilt that tugged at my heart strings. It does have parts where it is worn, but not right through the fabrics as yet. While we visited the DAR Museum, we were shown how to restore a quilt, where the fabric has shredded. I till post about this later on with some pictures of quilts were privileged not only to see, but to handle. SlaƱ, O'faigh


Christine M said...

Your quilt looks so lovely on your antique bed O'faigh.

Cheryll said...

They Look great laying side by side! Merry Christmas :)

Melody said...

Your bed looks beautiful

Merilyn said...

All I can say is, that quilt was waiting for you to take it homeLOL!!! It is a beautiful piece and looks so wonderful on the bed!!!! Well done on your purchase!!!! Hope you have a great Christmas!!!!

KaHolly said...