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Saturday, 25 January 2014

A Saturday Morning Trip to an Antique Fair in Fryerstown..

Dia Duit, on Australia Day weekend, each year Fryerstown hosts an Antique Fair, initially to fund the hall in the pic. It is the 39th Year of running. I had a yen to go for many years, due to DH work never managed a trip there.We went three years ago. DH wanted to see the Festival of Sails in Geelong, so I thought a fair trade for me to go the Antique Fair, these days DH is unable to do long distance driving. We set off early, and thought there was so little traffic on the road. To our surprise, every one must have been an early bird before us depicted in the picture below. Some I wants....grin....

At one of the stalls, Hawk Eye, as DH is known by everyone, is great at spotting I wants a mile off. However saying that I was not in the market, for what is inside this wooden box.

A Tailor Bird Portable Sewing Machine. It is natty how it folds out of its box to form a work table.Made in Great Britain between late 1940's to May 1952, where the company ceased production.It is lightweight considering its age. The machine received alot of bad publicity and was not very successful. Also came in cream, which would truly be a great find.My reaction, was I had not seen one before, where will I place it at home and the dollar. It came at a very reasonable cost, thanks to DH bargaining skills, I relented. As we were at the beginning of the fair, I was worried I might miss out on something extra special. But, no it turned out the Tailorbird was extra special. It needs some TLC, not sure what to do with the case, as it was originally covered in canvas. I am a believer in keeping things as close to their original conditionas possible.

All in All a great day was had by me, and DH enjoyed his day today, I caught up with the mundane chores of life. SlaƱ, O'faigh


marina said...

what a lovely find and great of old hawk eye to spot it for you!

Charlie and Wendy said...

Looks like a lovely day out and the sewing machine is wonderful.

Merilyn said...

What a glorious day you had at the Fair by the looks of things!!!! And such a treasure you bought home with you too....!!! So glad you found it, it's gone to a good home, the decals look to be in good nick too, great pick-up!!!! Hope all is well otherwise, rained up here all w'end.....but we really needed it!!!!!