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Monday, 26 May 2014


Dia Duit, sitting on my Design Wall, is the Girls Day Out Quilt. I have two more blocks to embrodier. I am finding it hard, to motivate myself to finish this Quilt....grin...it may have to do with the number of thicknesses I have to stitch through, and the many holes I dig in my fingers with the needle. I have tried many times to use a thimble, but without success.
Any suggestions lassies?
Sla~n, O'faigh


marina said...

your blocks look gorgeous!!
I have made this quilt too and it is definitely a labour of love.
Your holy finger will heal and forgive later.

Jo said...

I used to sew without a thimble and suffered sore holey fingers forever. I taped them up, tried metal thimbles then those plastic dots. The only things I use now and can't do without is a comfort thimble.
They are available from Punch with Judy for about $14, not sure where else. I have put a few of my friends on to them. I cannot sew without them.
They are soft, suit finger nails and are comfortable.

Have a look

Jo said...

I never used to use a thimble. I would end up with holes in my fingers all the time. I love hand quilting. I used tape, thimble it's, metal thimbles and nothing worked. Until I found COMFORT THIMBLES.
They are soft, room for nails and comfortable. I am so used to them I can't sew without them.
I got mine from PUNCH WITH JUDY for $14.
Have a look at them.
Quite a few of my friends now use them..

Simone Harding said...

I can't offer any suggestions as I have many of these blocks to do.
You are ahead of me just do a little when you can and it soon disappears.

Merilyn said...

I can understand when a project is in stalemate.....I'm wondering if those little stick-on thimble thingys would help any......at least they might save the pads of your fingers a bit......
once it's completed though, you will just love this piece of work.....

Anthea said...

Oh Stalemate is a drag, O'faigh... as for your poor suffering fingers, I'm sorry i have no advice, I am a confirmed thimble user, a few types depending on my need. The Comfort ones suggested by Jo could be good for you...

Lots of prayers for your Niece, what a terrible thing for her... I'm sure she's in the best of care x

Christine M said...

I think you can buy special needles that go through the extra thicknesses. They are triangle shaped which is supposed to help you push through easier. Good luck!
Your quilt will be so lovely when it's finished.

katherine said...

Will be well worth it. Put something else up until you get through those two blocks. A little here and there will see it done without the sore finger. I have used a thimble at times but don't really like them.

nannajs said...

I also have problems with a thimble until a fellow stitcher suggested vet tape. No more holes in fingers. Available at all good vet hospitals in a variety of colours and if lucky you may get a scrap for free. Its conforming bandage that you wrap around your fingers and comfortable at the same time. My vet had a great laugh when I asked him for thimbles Cheers Nannajs