Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Grampians Part 2

Dia Duit, we mainly did small walks and reading whilst we were away. Pictured above is Lake Bellfield, just out of Halls Gap. About the only place, we could let our Spot and Molly off the lead, due to the area we were in was National Park. Even, then, we still had to be careful. The caretaker of the Caravan Park advised me, that if the dogs were cornered by a kangaroo, the Kangaroo would take them in the water and drown them.

We did not wish to spend much time in the car, mainly because of DH. I wonder where this will lead?

Getting closer.....

Lake Fyans, about six years ago when we were in drought.This area of water, was dirt. Good to see the water.

Sla~n, O'faigh

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KaHolly said...

Just lovely. Glad it has water in it!!