Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Challenge for Camp Next Month

Dia Duit, Ness and I will be off to Quilting Camp.Sooo looking forward to going, the Challenge for this year is to make something with Black and Orange. Pictured above is my version of the Car Travel Buddy. It has suction cups that stick onto your window. My caddy is made for paper piecing, with all the relative bits and bobs required for EPP.

In my stash, I had a beautiful piece of Black Linen.Hmmmmmm it will be Halloween month, my thoughts to make a pair of Witches Boots, with some trappings. I trawled around a swap meet and found the Vintage Candle Holder. Next I wanted to find a Black Candle, that was not an easy task. Eventually, I found a tapered black candle, locally. The leaf swag, came back from the States with me. What next to add, I had in my present box, the lovely felt needle my kitchen in the top cupboard I had stashed a vintage glass bottle with my vintage hat pins.The black mouse, and last but not least I rummaged around in my bead box the black beads. Boy I hope I have a chance of winning. Sla~n, O'faigh


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

You are so cleaver !!!! xx

Merilyn said...

The witch's boot turned out wonderful, love the whole decorative assembly, lovely work!!!!

Allie said...

Quilting camp? How fun will that be!!! I love your witch's boot, if you don't win I'll want to know why!