Thursday, 5 February 2015

Aurelia's Quilt Journey

Dia Duit, I started Aurelia's Quilt Journey ,as a project to work on ,at Quilter's Camp, which I attend every year, with QuiltNess.It has been two years in the making.I did the last of the binding on Wednesday night.Last night I thought,I would have a quiet night hand stitching hexagons for the crib quilt that I am making.Alas no, little sister collapsed at work and was in the emergency department of St John of God.It was around five and I was in the middle of cooking a roast tea.I dropped everything and raced in, what a fright she gave us all. So ladies in this heat make sure you keep up your fluids, no excuses, that you are too busy.Yes little sister was badly dehydrated , they had to pump fluids into her fairly quickly,when she was released,we had to organise clothes, her car and then to take the pressure off my parents rustle up some tea.Hmmm could not serve up the roast as it was half cooked so fish and chips it was.Sla~n O'faigh


shez said...

Hi O Faigh I am so glad that your little sister is okay,yes that is important to keep your fluids up,love your quilt,take care my friend xx

Merilyn said...

oh! my gosh!! I'm glad your sister is now ok, this summer heat has been relentless, looking forward to a change in seasons's a lesson to all of us, always remember to drink water when it's hot.....your quilt is gorgeous, how nice to have it finished....and the car....well! what can I say.....too too cute, from one vintage car owner to another LOL!!!!!!

Sisbabestitches said...

Oh I do hope she has no icky after effects! People used look to at me as if I were mad cos I am never without a water bottle, I don't get those looks so much these days ;)
It's a lovely quilt basking in the sunshine :)

Bev C said...


So glad to hear that your Sister was OK in the end, the heat can do awful things to us.
Aurelia looks right at home on your blue car!

Happy days.

Katherine said...

Oh my that is not good for your sister. On the other hand I love the quilt!

Allie said...

That is a beautiful quilt Lyn, I am so glad to hear your sis is ok now but oh what a scare - that happened to my mom one time and it can be deadly. *hugs*