Saturday, 14 February 2015

Meet Big Dog and A Win- this Post for you Merilyn

 This Motorcycle is Big Dog - caught my eye.
 A Labour of Love - made possible by the many hours of help from my brother and DH Corty Friends.A testimony of their generosity and goodwill.
Dia Duit, DH had a yen to go to the Torquay Car Show, that was on last weekend. It was a warm Summer's Day and some 350 cars were entered. DH was given an entry form, and you know what blokes are I filled the form out.......much to my delight our car won first place for it's  category.This car came into being, after being in some one's shed for 12 years, Hawk Eye (DH) spotted it on Ebay it was a bare shell, with a lot of parts missing. To be honest I was over cars, but like quilting is to me, cars are for DH. I relented, as you know DH has had spinal surgery, and suffers every hour of the day. People can be so giving, and makes me feel so humble. My brother did the hard yards, and came many weekends to prepare the car for paintwork, and as it is my brother's trade he painted the car for DH. All those missing parts, well since DH surgery I rang his buddy's to keep him company while I worked, and faithfully they come every week, to take him out for the day or help with the car. One particular buddy, came with a brown paper bag, and inside was all the missing gauges which pertained to the year and model of this car, car buddy's comment to DH was I think you will be needing these. I am ashamed to say, I miss little girlie, the first car DH restored, even though I could not master the driving of her, a boy's engine, she stole my heart. Slan O'faigh


Merilyn said...

Oh! Great post!!!! I do have a penchant for chrome and an awesome paint job LOL!!!!! I love these little muscle cars, and yes indeed they are a labour of love and sooooo worth it at the end of the day.....just of out interest what year is the car? my little vintage is 45yrs old, and I know how it feels to have a little win - wink! although humble as mine was LOL!!!!!
Thankyou for sharing this, loved it!!!!!

Jo said...

Well done. Good on you. What a lovely time

Allie said...

I adore old cars - what a lovely thing everyone did for your dh. Congratulations on the win!!!!

Sisbabestitches said...

Lovely post :) Lovely win! What gorgeous people you and DH have :)
I know that yearning for the first car, an old friend had a yank-tank and I was one of the few he let drive it, such a sweet ride! I couldn't park it anywhere but the country though, lol