Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Ann's Coverlet

 Dia Duit, for sometime, I wanted to make a coverlet, a visual memory of my g.g.g.g. grandmother Ann Higgins.(Convict) When we travelled overseas in 2010, we were doing a walking tour of York. I saw a sign Quilt Museum, so I grabbed DH and said let's skip the tour as I wished to see the Quilt Museum.
Their Exhibition, was Sewing in Wartime.Due to rationing , women were encouraged to remake/recycle garments into new ones.Their sewing skills were used to preserve their clothing for as long as possible.I purchased the Exhibition Guide.I was particularly taken with A Coverlet made by a Church Womens Missionary Association. Hexagon flowers were made from their scraps of material that they brought from home. Due to shortages, they had to wait for the backing piece.Red Cross bandages were being sold off, these were promptly purchased and pieced for the backing of the Coverlet.Inspiration for my coverlet, is partly due to the one I saw inYork and of course our Rajah Quilt, made by the convict women as they sailed to Australia.
Prior to Christmas, we went to the Mill Market in Warrnambool, where I discovered the above cloth, perfect for a small coverlet.When I came home, the colour was to in your face. It was one of our hot day's and I had no bleach, in the cupboard. I remembered when DH purchased the old trailer sailer, the elderly gent that owned it, had washed the boat down in toilet cleaner. Hah, I had plenty of that in the cupboard, yes I washed the fabric in the washing machine with toilet cleaner and pleased with how the colour turned out. ......grin......would not advise it if you have paid a fortune for your fabric. My piece was eight bucks
 My idea was to make a map of Tasmania with Ann's Muster Record. Such a tiny tiny lady and oh so young.
 Good old starch method for the nice applique shape.

 Auditioning my reproduction fabrics.
 A Visual, my idea to make a circle of hexie flowers around the map, then, another circle of hexie flowers. In between, I wish to embrodier facets of her life, as a convict, in the early 1800's. In each corner of the coverlet, I will applique the Rajah Quilt flowers, then to join the flowers with hexie flowers.
Another hexie journey. Alas, I have put Ann's coverlet aside for the time being, as I have just completed my crib quilt, which is currently with Ness to be quilted.
Sla~n, O'faigh


KaHolly said...

Very interesting project, Lyn. Can't wait to see the baby quilt all finished.

Jo said...

A nice piece of history and a challenge for you

Simone de Klerk said...

Such a very special post, Lynn! I never knew about this, but then, I know only very little about history.
Look forward to see the progress of this GGGGG project!

Allie said...

4ft 9 1/2" - wow she was TINY. What a fantastic project, and how awesome to know your history!!! This is going to be splendid. I love the story of the toilet bowl cleaner!! Whatever works, right?

Merilyn said...

What a lovely idea, I look forward to following you with this wonderful work!!!! I'm so behind with blog you can see LOL!!!