Friday, 20 March 2015

Project basket is empty not long ago discovered and fell in love withTilda

Dia Duit,while shopping for some yarn,in the shop,was the sock puppy,there were a few to choose from,however I kept coming back to this one.Jessies sil is having a baby due in May.Jess wanted me to make a quilt,at the moment I thInk I am all quilted out, and chose to crochet the cosy blanket.
I am unsure of the success of the rabbit in the felt basket.The pattern is from Teresa's Primitive Treasures.
For camp this year the Challenge was to make something from the Hoffman Challenge Fabric we received.I am very happy with the Hexagon Clock,just need DH to put the hands and timer on for me. The pattern was fromOwen's Olivia.
Just finished embroidering her nose and mouth.The fabric is from the Tilda Range and of course a Tilda Rabbit Pattern.The bodice on the dress was so tiny,I had a couple of goes at making it.Must be losing my touch.
Last but not least,the projects in my basket are now complete.In the top part of the pic you will see the binding ready and waiting for the crib quilt.I am hoping to pick the crib quilt up from QuiltNess on Tuesday.Slan O'Faigh


Cheryl said...

Love both your gorgeous rabbits and your clock is going to be gorgeous. Wish my sewing basket was looking that empty lol

Simone de Klerk said...

Some lovely projects! Why are you unsure about the rabbit in the pink basket?
Happy weekend!

KaHolly said...

Wow, Lyn! Th rabbits, the impressive!

Sisbabestitches said...

Love your gelati blanket! Gorgeous sock puppy! Adore the clock you've come up with for your challenge! Can't believe your basket is emptied already, well done you :)

Jeanette said...

Beautiful projects. Love the crochet blanket. Hugs,xx

Anthea said...

beautiful crochet there O'Faigh, & such pretty colours.
Your Tilda bunny is just gorgeous, well done, even though it was a fiddly challenge for you

Allie said...

I love to crochet as well - that's going to be darling!! I love your little stuffies, so cute. The clock is AMAZING....really gorgeous. I too love Tilda, especially her Seaside book, love the slippers on the bunny, lol. You've been so busy!!!