Credit for Background Design

Credit to Evelyn Flint for Background Design

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Drop in the Pond a new pattern

Dia Duit,  I have been busy this past week with two more blankets made. I am so keen on crochet I Have joined a crochet group at our local wool store on a Friday afternoon. My keeness is yet to wan however, I am worried about my sewing mojo leaving me completely.I have so many more projects I wish to attempt, mayhap I am worrying for nothing.Slan O'faigh


Allie said...

I think it's seasonal - you're in a crochet season right now, you'll get back to a sewing season again, I'm sure! Those are both very pretty!!!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love these I have just started to crochet lots of practice still needed xxx

Bev C said...


I love the second rug, such a interesting pattern.

Happy days.

Melody said...

Absolutely beautiful crochet. As long as you are having fun it doesn't really matter whether it's crochet or stitching.

Jo said...

You have done a fantastic jod. Your edges on the first one are so even. Love the design of the second. Each craft has its own place

Merilyn said...

Love your crochet blankets!!!