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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A whole lot of trouble with a Mouse

Dia Duit,who would have thought this little creature would give me so much grief .I ordered this little mouse for a Christmas theme and have been waiting patiently for her.I received an urgent email to ring a phone number in Sydney.Due to the scant description my parcel had been quarantined.DH said to let it go however, I had the I wants and had to pay a fee , otherwise they would have destroyed her.In my overseas dealings this has never happened before ,so lassies be wary.slan ofaigh


julieQ said...

Wow...seems like someone made money off of your dear mousie!! Sorry...hope you are feeling great. I got something for you the other day!! Will send it soon.

Jo said...

Oh so very cute

KaHolly said...

And a cute little mouse it is. Every once in awhile, there's a glitch in the system. I had postal troubles twice in one week and it was very frustrating, indeed. Both incidences were settled but not without jumping through a few hoops. Have a wonderful, quilty day! XO

kiwikid said...

What a cute little mouse...you could not leave her to be destroyed!!