Sunday, 27 September 2015

35 Years

Dia Duit, hard to believe 35 years have passed, since we married.I look back over the years and remember the times we have had.Every ten years a different phase of our lives.The hard, lean years of struggling and working hard. The hard difficult birth of Jess and now blessed with a beautiful young daughter. It is the first time Rob and I have not been together to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary. I miss him so much.......grin.......due to his illness at times it can be very day I was so exasperated with him I wanted to place him on our front nature strip with a sign "free please take me", although saying that would not swap him for the world.I have a friend with cancer her time is close.Last week she made a comment to me remember the happy times and the ones to come, not the sad times.Such a gracious, strong lady.It made me realise a lot of things about myself some good and not so good. Pictured are the pretty flowers sent to me from Dear Heart. I had orchids in my wedding bouquet.Slan Ofaigh


KaHolly said...

Happy Anniversary! Such a beautiful bouquet. Sorry about your friend. She has given you some sage advice. You'll be traveling to see your sweetie soon!

retdairyqueen said...

Happy Anniversary to you both
Beautiful flowers I have a clock just like that
Hugs for your very wise/strong friend xx

Merilyn said...

Congratulations to you both on your 35th Anniversary!!!! And many more anniversaries to come too.......the orchids are beautiful!!!! you may have not been able to be together due to family circumstances this time, but next time round......take care!!

barb's creations said...

happy Anniversary to you both, 35 years is a lot in todays world! Hope you find some time to be together and celebrate :) Barb.