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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

On the look out for...........

Dia Duit, over the years I have become a collector of different items. As a child my parents gave to me for my birthdays a Barbie Doll, Midge, Ken and Skipper. Yes I am a child at heart, and have a small collection. I have Skooter pictured above but alas she is missing her two piece red bathing suit. I have been searching, emailing for a pair of bathers for her,  to no avail. I am appealing to you in blogland, if you would by chance have a set that you would be willing to part with. More than happy to pay a reasonable price plus postage.Slan Ofaigh


marina said...

Hi Lyn
I was looking for original Crissy doll outfits a few years ago. I stalked eBay for quite awhile and eventually found an original dress and shoes.
If you keep checking regularly you'll be surprised what turns up for sale.
Fingers cross you find her outfit.

julieQ said...

I used to have a Barbie doll, and I loved her until she was worn out! I will keep me eye peeled for this bathing suit for you.

Melody said...

Ah, something I didn't know about you. Good luck in your quest.

Helen said...

Good luck in your quest :)