Monday, 22 February 2016

What a gadget for the poddies

Dia duit, recently we visited a farm out of town and had the pleasure of seeing the little poddies being fed. I felt sorry for the little calf in the background he is unable to suckle, but is able to eat hay and grain feed. The gadget for feeding on the fence was a rectangle bin and underneath six teats, you poured the milk in the top and the milk flowed through to the teat. A great method of feeding the poddies.You can tell I am a city chick, but country at heart. Slan, ofaigh


Allie-oops Designs said...

I'm a city girl through and through, although I've milked cows and such...and used to muck our after horses. I do miss the smell of horses [odd, but true] but not the flies!!! I think if there wasn't any bugs in the country, I'd be a country girl, lol. Great pics!

shez said...

lovely pics Lyn,looking forward to seeing you on Sat my friend xx