Friday, 1 July 2016

On my Lap

Dia Duit, and good evening .On my lap,is the start of a snuggle blanket for our family room.I am a quilter through and through but the knitting and crochet craft is encroaching.As it is dark time now at 5.30pm it was hard to try and take a pic without a shadow.When we were in the States during fall, I fell in love with the fall colourway. Two of the wools I am using are Amanda's creation and I love using the Merino Magic 8ply in the orange rust colour.The crochet pattern is called Beautiful shells pattern, thank you to the creator of this pattern.It was on Pinterest and by Slan, Ofaigh


shez said...

Hi Lyn such a pretty piece,love the colours and the pattern,hope you have a lovely evening my friend xx

Jo said...

Very pretty

Merilyn said...

Love those apricot cream colours too, just lovely!!!

barb's creations said...

Beautiful colours Lyn :) Barb.

Bev C said...


Oh that looks like it will be snuggly and warm.

Happy days.