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Saturday, 8 October 2016

The Challenge (Nightmare) Quilt

Dia Duit, during the last day of quilt camp ,we were given a piece of fabric ,for the Challenge for next year's camp. The same day we had a trading table and I swapped some fabric for 4 Mc Call's quilting magazine.This pattern caught my eye.Quiltness decided not to do the Challenge and gave her piece of fabric to me.The fabric is how can I say not something I would choose.It is not often I use a pattern,as it turned out I had to do some fudging, because my centre panel was five inches shorter. I had  some Japanese fabric in my stash, also,the white print .The navy sashing and last border I had to purchase .

Bear with me I am being long winded.The piecing of this quilt, went together really well.However the next step, caused me a very anxious time. I decided to make this as Quilt of Valor.

It was what I did on the quilting frame that caused me anguish.This is the largest quilt I have attempted 50 inches by 70 inches.That is th extent of the table and rollers.
I quilted two thirds of the quilt and was having trouble with the machine bumping the roller on the right, as this is where the quilt was rolled.In my wisdom I decided to take the quilt off and turn it around and reverse the pattern, to quilt the last three rows.It pays not to be very tired and asthmatic at this stage.I repinned

the quilt but had problems with the unquilted part bunching up.I gave up, now what to do.Quiltness came to my rescue and came over to give some pointers.Thankfully, I was able to finish the quilting.Now I need to make the binding, stitch it on and hand sew down.A hard lesson to learn.Slan,O'faigh


julieQ said...

What a wonderful quilt for a quilt of valor...good for you for persevering in your challenging quilt!

I am said...

Oh dear Lyn sounds like a nightmare,glad quilt was could help you out.
The quilt is amazing Lyn well done and boy you whip a quilt up fast,lol,it takes me years,lol xx

Jeanette said...

The quilt is look lovely. Hugs,xx

Merilyn said...

Glad you got it finished in the end.....and learned something along the way.....two wins there, and the third is the person who gets to enjoy it.....well done!!!

KaHolly said...

That's how we learn, I guess! Glad you got it worked out! XO

Helen said...

Wow what a job but it looks beautiful so far.

Helen said...

Oh at least you got there in the end. It is beautiful!!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Well done 👍 to you I think I would have given up💗

Jo said...

I'm so glad you got it sorted. Hope you are still enthused.... where do you send the quilts of Valor