Thursday, 7 September 2017

Edna and Henrietta

Dia Duit, I have the chuckles today. Our young Jess over the past three weeks has been banging on about getting some chickens for the eggs.DH and my response was to simply buy free range eggs at the supermarket, and save on the work and caring for them.
A deal was put to me, by Stu and Jess, as money was tight, if DH and I could buy the chicken coop and we would have eggs for life. grin.
So, chicken coop was purchased and on Monday Jess purchased Edna and Henrietta. Last night Jess rang and said to me, Mum I did not realize what characters and personalities they have. My response, was all god's creatures do Jess.Pictured is Edna, who apparantly is well behaved but the smaller hen Henrietta is the naughty one. Never a dull moment. Slan, O'faigh


Helen said...

Fresh eggs nothing better.

I am said...

lol your Jess is a charactor Lynnie,lol like mother like daughter,lol.
Jess will have fun with her chooks and you will enjoy fresh eggs,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

Jeanette said...

Never a dull moment with chickens. 😊😊. I get a little fed up with my 5 but then i think about the lovely fresh eggs & how nicer they are than shop bought. Hugs, xx

KaHolly said...

You make me laugh! What a funny story! I'd love fresh eggs for life!